Join IEEE at SXSW Interactive as we host our sixth-annual IEEE Tech for Humanity Series. This 15-event series includes solo, duo, panel sessions, an official party and several meetups.   Together, we’ll explore an array of topics, from Wearables to Hearables, Brain-Computer Interfaces to Immersive UX, AI to AR/VR, Virtual Care to Synthetic Biology and more! 

IEEE is proud to host two incredible SXSW Featured Speakers:  Vint Cerf, Internet Founding Father, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and Founder, People Centered Internet and Thad Starner, Tech Lead for Google Glass and Director/Founder of Georgia Tech’s Contextual Computing Group.  Come learn from IEEE experts across all sectors of technology, who are joined in a mission to advance technology for humanity.  

Visit our meetups to connect and collaborate with women in tech, entrepreneurs, and Internet innovators.  Rub elbows with world changers at IEEE's experiential trade show booth, and #partylikeanengineer with Two Bit Circus at the official IEEE Tech for Humanity party!  Learn more about our sessions below. We hope to see you in Austin! 


One of the Internet's fathers, Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google and Founder of the People-Centered Internet (PCI) makes his first-ever SXSW appearance to provide a future internet forecast. Learn More>>

Find out how visionary pioneer Thad Starner's work in voiceless speech recognition and brain-computer interfaces will better fuse our bodies, minds and devices to create the seamless UX of the future. Learn More>> 

Tan Le, Founder & CEO of EMOTIV, developed a breakthrough brainwave technology, translating data to physical actions, allowing for mind control of keyboards or wheelchairs. Learn More>> 

Should we make a human cell from data and raw materials? What are the ethics and implications of synthetic biology? Join Eliza Strickland in conversation with researchers and critics. Learn More>> 

Moore's Law powers modern life. But circuits modeled on the human brain, carbon nanotube computers, and new processors are set to replace it. Join tech leaders to discuss the future of Moore's Law. Learn More>> 

As AI increasingly forms the backbone of future decision-making, this panel explores the dynamics and importance of programming for chance, accident and adversity. Learn More>>

Join seasoned AR/VR veterans Todd Richmond and Skip Rizzo as they lead a provocative debate on the practical realities of AR/VR and Mixed Reality. Learn More>>

In a world where everything is listening, how will our lives, thinking and behavior change? Join experts from Karten Design, Starkey Hearing Technology and Dolby Technologies Inc. to find out! Learn More>>

Party like an engineer with IEEE and world renowned technologists. Featuring fun and interactive displays, open bar, & great music. Open to badge holders. RSVP here>>

Once again, IEEE will assemble a host of amazing women in tech for an inspiring and stimulating hour of networking, refreshment, and discussion! Part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series. Learn More>>

Join IEEE for great networking and conversation over a few beers, and talk about transforming your ideas into a business. Meet fellow entrepreneurs grappling with issues that impact innovation and business. Learn More>>

Join IEEE and the People Centered Internet for a rare, dynamic hour of discussion and networking with Internet Hall-of-Famer and founding father, Vint Cerf! Learn More>> 

Immersive designers, Carolyn Farino and Jayse Hansen, explore the technical and biomechanical challenges of moving from traditional, two-dimensional UX and/or ‘FUI’ (fictional user interfaces), to the multi-dimensional, rich user interfaces of the future. Learn More>>

Discover how a human-centered redesign to our healthcare systems can drive new, proactive models of care that mesh better with people's lives, support physicians and caregivers, reward positive behavior, and improve health outcomes. Learn More>> 

If you haven’t been tracking blockchain because you thought it was just for cryptocurrencies and fintech startups, it’s time to start. Innovators in banking, entertainment, and technology will get your brain buzzing about blockchain’s broader potential. Learn More>>

The Strauss Center will host a SXSW Interactive session exploring the ethical considerations that technologists need to prioritize in the design and development of autonomous and intelligent systems. Learn More>>



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