Meet Monique Morrow,

CTO/Evangelist New Frontiers at Cisco, a trailblazer for women in technology and a globally recognized leader in her field. Her efforts to create an “intrapreneurial” culture have helped her attract and engage some of the best and brightest minds in engineering -- including women who once considered abandoning their corporate positions to seek more expansive opportunities elsewhere. She shares her thoughts with Nita Patel of IEEE Women in Engineering on leadership, intrapreneurship, the future of women in engineering and the role empowerment, smarts, tenacity and hard work play in driving success.


Monique Morrow, CTO/Evangelist, New Frontiers, Cisco Systems Inc

Monique Morrow is the CTO New Frontiers Engineering. Monique has a track record of co-innovating with customers, that has transcended the globe from North America, Europe and Asia.

Specialties: Networking technology; Grid, cloud computing, Intercloud-Federation, Internet of Things; M2M Security and E-Health; Semantic web; Business Development;

Monique’s current focus in on the intersection between research - economics-technology to portfolio execution e.g. Circular and Exponential Economies and blockchaining as examples.

Synopsis of Sustainable Accomplishments

Under Cisco’s Office of the CTO, both as an individual contributor and manager, Monique built a strong leadership team in Asia-Pacific. Her specific geo-area targets were China and India. Monique’s role in these important regions drove Cisco’s globalization and country strategies and met all of her targeted goals.

Monique has consistently demonstrated the willingness and courage to take risks and explore new market opportunities for Cisco. These innate qualities are part of her DNA and are of great value to the company and all the global organizations in which she is involved.

Monique is a staunch advocate for women in technology and is co-writing a book entitled, "The Internet of Women, Why it Matters."

Monique has been recognized at Top Ten Influential IT Women in Europe 2014:

Nita Patel, Systems & Software Engineering Dir, L-3 Warrior Systems

Nita Patel, P.E., is a Systems and Software Engineering Manager at L-3 Warrior Systems, manufacturer of night-vision and electro-optical systems. Nita has been involved in many facets of IEEE, including her current role as Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference Chair, Board of Governors member of the IEEE Computer Society and Board of Governors member of Eta Kappa Nu. Nita is your host for 23-24 May 2016 WIE ILC in San Jose, CA. She is excited about leading this collaborative, educational, innovation focused conference themed Lead Beyond. Accelerating Innovative Women Who Change the World. Outside of IEEE, Nita is active with Toastmasters International and the United States Chess Federation. Nita received her MS Computer Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering and BS Mathematics from Southern Methodist University.